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Floor Manager Training for Multi-camera, Unscripted TV | Feb/Mar 2024

  • This course has closed.
Start DateDurationCostMax Participant Numbers
Wednesday 28th February, 20243 x Days€2509


This course is delivered, in partnership with Crew Academy East, National Talent Academies, an initiative of Screen Ireland, and in collaboration with ShinaWiL and Bigger Stage.

With an increase in the number of High-end unscripted productions in Ireland there is a need for Floor Mangers that can work at this level.  

Floor managers are essential for smooth TV production, especially in unscripted shows. Responsibilities include logistics management, equipment setup and ensuring seamless operations during filming.

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to step up to the demanding role of a Floor Manager on a high-end, unscripted, multi camera TV production. 

What will this course cover?

As well as the topics listed below

The course will consist of one day in the classroom and two workshop studio days, one on the set of Dancing with the Stars, produced by ShinaWiL and the other on a Bigger Stage production, both during live recordings. The students will observe and meet with the the floor management team at work. The tutor will continue the workshop throughout these days. The 2nd Studio day will be in April to coincide with a suitable production.

Paid work placements, where feasible, will be arranged for participants over the coming months, subject to relevant production availability.

Learning outcomes

  • Role of the Floor manager on both prerecorded and live productions
  • Scripts, running orders, participants cures and floor plans.
  • Necessary technical and soft skills required.
  • Essential paperwork & working tools.
  • Importance of managing time, energy and avoiding burnout.
  • Training & Career-planning for these roles.

Participant profile/Who can apply/Eligibility

Participants must have a minimum of three years’ experience working in a mid-level or senior role where they have experience liaising with cast and directors, such as existing Floor Managers wishing to step into high-end multi-camera TV production, Stage Managers stepping up to Floor Managers, 1st, 2nd or 3rd Assistant Directors and others working in similar roles in other creative industries wishing to use their relevant transversal skills to move into TV.

This course might also appeal to people, with relevant experience, returning to the workforce. 

All enquiries should be directed to

Tutor information

Sheila has over 25 years experience working as a freelance multi – camera floor manager.

Projects range from pre recorded shows both in a studio and location environment to live sporting & music events, entertainment shows and award ceremonies.

Some of Sheila’s credits include Dancing with the Stars, Uprising, The Voice of Ireland, MasterChef, Dragons Den, The Irish Film & TV awards, RTE Folk Music Awards, Meteor Music Awards, The Special Olympics Opening Ceremony, The Ryder Cup, St Patrick’s Festival Parade, New Years Eve Celebrations


Dublin & Co. Wicklow.


Course fee €250 per person. (Normally this workshop would cost €550 per person)

Deadline for course registration and payment

Friday 23rd February, at 12noon

Dates and times of the course

Wednesday 28th February – 10.00 to 17.00, Sunday 10th March – 10.00 to 17.00 to and 2nd Studio day TBC.

Due to our funding, this course is only available to those resident in the Republic Of Ireland.
For any queries, please contact

Please apply below and if successful, we will be in touch with a payment link.

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