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Movie Magic | Budgeting | Advanced | Expression of Interest |2023

Start DateDurationCostMax Participant Numbers
TBC1 Day€8512 per workshop
MM Budgeting | Advanced | Expression of Interest


Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet is seeking expressions of interest for a 1 x day workshop in Movie Magic Advanced Budgeting

MMB10 – Movie Magic Budgeting | Advanced | 1 x Day

This course will feature a 6 x Part TV show shooting in Ireland and the UK. We will discuss the process of setting up an international Co-Production, setting up multiple currencies, working with different Union Agreements, Setting up and inserting different Tax Credits as well as working with different wages for different territories – all using MMB10 to manage Cost
Reports and Manage Cost Control etc.


Currently Scheduled
Movie Magic Scheduling | Beginners | 2 x Evenings
€85 (No Free Software Trial Available)

Suitable for people who already have access to MM Scheduling in their current role or who will be scheduling projects in the near future and are in a position to purchase a one time licence. Using the MMS Scheduling software, you will cover the basics of breaking down a script and entering the data into the MMS Scheduling Software to gain an understanding of the principles of scheduling and the advantages of a clear set of conclusions drawn from the scheduling process.
September 27th/28th – 6pm – 9pm

MMB10 – Movie Magic Budgeting | Beginners | 2 x Days €160 (FREE Software Trial Available via EP)
Using MMB10 Software this course is designed to introduce the concept of computer budgeting. Starting from a set of critical assumptions the participants will work through setting up a budget for a 6 – part TV show, all shot in their local currency/territory.
October 4th/5th – 10am -4.00pm



Budgeting – Advanced (Assumes MMB10 Knowledge)
What’s a Budget/What’s a Producer
Setting up First MMB10 Budget
Set up Multiple Currencies
Taking Critical Assump0ons and building the first set of Globals
Set up Multiple Groups and Fringes and fringes for different Territories
Enter First Technicians for each Territory + Core Technicians
Create Short Cuts
Populate the Technician accounts
Enter Cast and Extras
Travel and Living accounts
Set up Territory Percentages
Set up Tax Credits and Contractual Charges
Cost Reporting and Cost Control
Sub Budgets and Prin0n

Learning outcomes

(MM Budgeting | Advanced
At the end of this course the participants should be fully conversant with setting a multiple territory MMB10 budget, managing multiple currencies and applying the relevant Tax Credits. This course will cover how to how to use the Software to manage the production and deal with the cost reports

Participant profile

Participants must have a good knowledge of Production, be currently engaged in a Production role, be a freelance Producer wishing to upskill or engaged in a finance/accountancy role and wishing to cross skill. .

Participants must already own or sign up for, and install, the 1 x month free trial of MMB10 software with EP.

It is assumed that participants on the MM Advanced w/shop have a working knowledge of MMB10.

IMPORTANT: Access to subsidised workshops are only available to those resident in the Republic of Ireland.

Tutor information

Fresh off training international Producers for Netflix, Steve Clark-Hall is a renowned Film and TV producer with over 50 years industry experience and is dedicated to assisting the career development of young producers and production crew.

Steve runs Skyline Films with his partner Mairi Bett; as a production consultancy for major Film and TV companies globally, as UK Co-Producers, and developing original productions. They have worked in a variety of genres, budget levels and markets.

Materials/equipment/software needed

  • PC/Laptop with Movie Magic Installed
  • Movie Magic Budgeting is available to download for Free for a 30 day trial period. (DO NOT Download until workshops dates are confirmed and you have secured a place).
  • Stable Internet Access
  • Zoom

Expression of Interest

Fill out the Expression of Interest Form

If you have previously filled out an EOI for Movie Magic Budgeting – ADVANCED, with Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet, there is no need to do it again as your previous interest has been recorded.

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