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REGISTRATION | RTE | Mark Egan-Derek Bowler-Linda Green

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September 2023In Company Training
Modules 2 & 3 – Mark Egan


Idea Generation

Course Name:                         Modules 2 & 3 – Idea Generation & Practical Workshop

Facilitator:                              Mark Egan

Course Design Days:               2
Course Delivery Dates:
          4.5 (16th, 17th October and 8th, 23rd & 24th November)

Module 1: Understanding Audiences 18-25 – Delivered July 2023

Follow Up Modules

Module 2: Generating ideas for formats that engage young audiences.

This session will deconstruct some of the common formats that work with young audiences and give participants the chance to brainstorm ideas for applying these approaches to RTE content.

  • The common recurring formats that work with young audiences
  • Picking the right topics for the right formats
  • Types of explainers and how to construct them for engagement
  • Green screen effect and how to achieve it
  • Adding humour and role play
  • Interview formats that get attention
  • Making content easy to consume


DAY 1: Date: Monday 16th October.
2 x half day workshops for editors and content makers.   (1 x Day)
DAY 2: Date: Tuesday 17th October. 
2 x by half day workshops.  (1 x Day)
DAY 3: Date: Wednesday 8th November 2 to 5pm.
Module 2 online and recorded.  (1/2 Day)

Module 3. Practical workshop: shooting and editing video formats for young audiences

This session will give participants hands on experience of creating various formats aimed at younger audiences. They will be shooting and editing on their smartphones.

  • Creating greenscreen style videos just using your phone
  • Shooting and editing explainers: with two main types
  • Scripting and shooting role-play videos
  • Being. creative with interviews
  • Creating videos that are easy to consume to improve retention

Disinformation & Fake News

Course Name:                         Disinformation & Fake News

Facilitator:                              Derek Bowler
Course Delivery Dates:
          4 (18th to 21st September) & 15th & 16th Nov (Remote)

  • Verifying the Source, Date, and Location of Eyewitness Media
  • Who is this for?  This a general course is for anyone producing content who wants to be more sure about the origins of the content they use or share in their work.
  • Copyright and Eyewitness Media: Understanding Rights and Responsibilities
  • Who is this for?  This a general course is for anyone producing content who wants to be more responsible about the content they use or share in their work.

Leading Creative Talent

Course Name:                         GREAT IDEAS FOR GREAT FILMMAKERS

Facilitator:                              Linda Green & Darragh Byrne
Course Delivery Dates:
          October 23rd or 30th TBC

The session will provide RTE’s Documentary filmmakers with the skills to generate new documentary
ideas, to develop them quickly and to get them pitch ready, in one day.
Specific Objectives

  • To learn new skills to generate ideas for documentaries
  • To apply story development techniques to quickly test and build basic story elements
  • To prepare a topline pitch to engage and deliver to channel and audience needs
  • Running order
    09:30 Intro (Darragh)
    Welcome and introductions
    Context: Great ideas from great film makers

    0945 Intro (Linda)
  • Context: Great ideas from great film makers
    Where great ideas come from? 3 P’s: patterns, people, purpose
    Where do they go for ideas? What else could they do?
    Understanding their patterns.
    10:00 – Patterns: breaking into new story patterns
    Tool: Linda’s 4 story questions
    11.00 – 11:15 – Break
    11.15 – People: What do people want? Key questions for new topics
    Tool: TEASER, with time for research
    13:30 People (continued) Turning people’s insights into ideas, combine with Patterns.
    15:30 Purpose: why will the audience/commissioner/etc want it and why will the
    audience love it. Developing ideas using 4 story questions. Preparing to share.
    17:00 Sharing top line ideas


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