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Skills Connect | Application For VP-LED Tech Shadowing | Sustainability Learning Opportunity | 2024

Start DateDurationCostMax Participant Numbers
August & September 20242 x Days2 per location
‘Hands On’ Virtual Production Training facilitated by Final Pixel Academy


Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet, in partnership with Screen Ireland and the VFX National Talent Academy, is offering ‘hands on’ Virtual Production training in September 2024.

LED Tech Shadowing

As part of this larger programme, a limited number of LED Tech shadowing opportunities are available.
These places are offered as part of the Skillnet Ireland Skills Connect programme.

Galway 2 x Days – Tuesday Sept 3rd, Wed September 4th
Available places: 2 x LED Tech Shadowing

Limerick 2 x Days – Thursday Sept 5th, Friday Sept 6th
Available places: 2 x LED Tech Shadowing

Cork 2 x Days- Saturday September 7th, Sunday Sept 8th
Available places: 2 x LED Tech Shadowing

Dublin 4 x Days- Tuesday September 10th, Wed 11th , Thurs 12th, Friday 13th
Available places: 3 x LED Tech Shadowing

Successful applicants must be available for both the rigging and derigging of the LED wall which in some cases may mean the morning post the last training date (ie Galway 5th, Limerick 7th, Cork 9th and Dublin 14th).

If you are interested in cross skilling or upskilling in this technical area, please fill out the application below.

Sustainability Coordinator Support | Learning Opportunity

Are you researching Sustainability in the Arts or pursuing a career in Sustainability for the Creative Sector?

The Sustainability Coordinator supports and liaises with the production management team – from development, early prep and pre-production, as well as checkpoints throughout the Production and supports the gathering of data and metrics from the carbon footprint, in order to embed sustainability into the Production that is aligned with a Climate Action strategy.

The role of a Sustainability Co-Ordinator may include the following:

  • Work alongside the Producer, Project Manager and Production coordinator to embed sustainable solutions during development, budgeting and production phases.
  • Work with wider team to develop a Climate Action strategy, and apply best practice.
  • Support production teams during development and pre-production to support best practice, identify sustainable solutions and propose relevant suppliers.
  • Enable teams to capture accurate data gathering and ensure compliance and alignment with albert certification guidelines. Keep all supporting information updated and provide progress reporting.
  • Provide support throughout production as a single point of contact, carrying out set visits as required to check on progress, engage with production teams and suppliers and gather feedback and insights that can shape our strategic thinking.
  • Identify the skills, knowledge and training needs of relevant stakeholders, and ensure any training compliance needs are met.
  • Work with Project Manager to support relationships with key suppliers. Identify responsible sourcing initiatives, appropriate standards and partnerships that enable sustainable production and ensure best value..

If the above sounds like something that you would be interested in being part of, contributing to the wider VP programme please contact: | Subject Heading – VP Sustainability Co-Ordinator Learning Op


All successful Skills Connect Applicants will be required to attend each of the following 4 x 2 x hour industry Masterclasses

Tuesday August 06th | 6pm – 8pm – Cohort 1 | Producers/PMs/LPs/VFX Producers
Tuesday August 13th | 6pm – 8pm – Cohort 2 | Designers/Art Directors/Set Decorators
Tuesday August 20th | 6pm – 8pm – Cohort 3 | Camera/Lighting/Gaffer/DIT/DOP
Tuesday August 27th | 6pm – 8pm – Cohort 4 | Directors/1st ADs/Writers/Script Supervisors


Wednesday August 28th | 6pm – 8pm – Cohort 5 | LED Tech | 1 x 2 hr ‘What To Expect’ Masterclass hosted by the on site Tech Director, James Codling

Participant profile/Who can apply/Eligibility

These Virtual Production opportunities are suitable for anyone who is

  • a recent graduate from creative courses or
  • self taught individuals who have some experience in either LED technology and VP tools and techniques

This programme is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland – Skills Connect fund, and is aimed at those currently unemployed or underemployed and who are also resident in the Republic of Ireland.

As places are limited and in demand, all successful candidates must commit to being available for the duration of the training days as part of the on site ‘crew’.

Successful candidates must attend all 4 x Virtual Production Masterclasses as well as a kick off ‘What To Expect‘ workshop on August 28th.

All Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet programmes are provided without discrimination based on gender, race or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, or sexual orientation. An inclusive environment that welcomes participants from diverse communities is promoted.

Application steps


  1. Please fill out the application form below.
  2. Once your application has been assessed you will be notified.
  3. If your application is successful, you may be asked to attend a short interview (remote).

Application deadline

Application Deadline: COB Friday August 9th

Application | Skills Connect | LED Tech Training | 2024

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