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The Production Bootcamp | Application 2023

  • This course has closed.

Start DateDurationCost
Wednesday April 12th6 Weeks€660


Cultural and Creative Industries Skillnet along with Creative Media Academy Ireland (CMAI) are launching the Production Bootcamp in conjunction with The Happy Producers.

This online course is aimed at production coordinators and managers that are looking to upskill and learn the foundations of good production management. Not only will you be given the tools and approaches on how to be a successful production person, but you will learn how to do it in a respectful, trusting and less stressful environment.

This is a self learning online course delivered through a user friendly web portal as well as live sessions online. It is a combination of video tutors and exercises that will inform and upskill the participant in industry best practices that have been tried and tested over many years in the Animation Industry.

What will this course cover?

The Production Bootcamp
Module 1 Production Mindset
Leadership & Management
● The challenges specific to the animation industry.
● The science behind leadership mindset.
● Gratitude as a superpower.
● What we control and what we manage.
● Documenting our processes for clarity and efficiency with the PROD

Module 2 Internal Communication
The Compound Effect
● The recipe for efficient meetings.
● Anatomy of a perfect round.
● Email and chat communications
● Note-taking 101
● The Miracle Morning

Module 3 External Communication
Clients, partners and vendors
● The 8 pillars of trust.
● Making decisions based on metrics rather than opinions.
● Client notes receiving, analyzing and sharing.
● The client kick-off meeting.
● Client facing do’s and don’ts
● Boundaries : what, why and how.

Module 4 Workflows & Dependencies
Clarity for Efficiency
● How to use clarifying questions.
● The 3D workflow.
● The 2D workflow.
● Prod team best practices for dependencies between departments.

Module 5 Goal Setting & Emergencies
Staying on Track
● How to motivate my team.
● Creating and prioritizing goals.
● Managing emergencies with the Eisenhower Time Matrix.
● The cost benefit exercise for lead and supervisor requests.

Module 6 Day-to-day Well-Being
Low-Stress, High-Efficiency
● Stress-management for yourself and your team.
● The importance of celebration.
● The PROD Encyclopedia check list.
● References and inspirations.

The Production Mindset Booster
Module 1 The Challenges Specific to the Animation Industry
● Adapting our mindset and strategy for a fast pivoting, iterative and
creative reality.

Module 2 Management and Leadership Mindset
● The science of mindset.
● Gratitude as a superpower.
● The difference between controlling and managing.
● BONUS! Production accountability.

Module 3 Building and Maintaining Trust
● The Compound Effect.
● The 8 pillars of trust.
● Boundaries for production.
● BONUS! A discussion about every day boundaries in production with
Tini Wider.

Module 4 Low-Stress Vibes
● Stress-Management
● The Miracle Morning
● BONUS! The mindset to manage grumpy colleagues.

Learning outcomes

This course teaches the everyday mindset and skillset for low-stress and high-efficiency animation film and television projects. The goal of this program is to streamline and document production processes to boost efficiency, facilitate training and onboarding.

Participant profile

This course is aimed at entry-level or junior animation coordinators, project managers and line producers looking to upskill and learn in a structured environment.

It is also very useful for someone moving from another industry into Animation and looking to learn the differences.


The Happy Producers are two happy-minded Film and TV Producers with more than 20 years of experience in the animation industry. We provide e-Courses and coaching solutions that promote well-being in animation production. We teach coordinators, project managers, line producers, and producers the mindset and skillset for everyday low-stress, high-efficiency film, and television production. We currently work with animation studios worldwide that want happier, healthier, and more profitable projects.

Brian Gilmore is a 34 year Animation veteran that has seen the industry transform from Analog to Digital in his career. Having started out in Murakami Wolf Dublin working on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles he has travelled the world working on big budget movies and TV series (Inc. Space Jam & Asterix). He spent most of his time in Ireland (20 years) working for Brown Bag Films in multiple roles. Following that he spent 2.5 years building a feature film studio for Boulder Media/ Hasbro to produce the CG feature film My Little Pony – A New Generation released 2021. For the next 3 years Brian has worked with TU Dublin managing the CG apprenticeship as well as consulting with Screen Skills Ireland and other Industry training ventures. He also continues to work in the industry as a consultant with some of the top animation studios around like Cartoon Saloon and Aardman. For the last year Brian has been focused on developing CMAI as a commercial training venture. Leading it as the industry expert and building its slate of training courses.

Materials/equipment/software needed

Participants will need to have a good internet connection and a device with Audio, Webcam and Microphone for live chat sessions and feedback. 


Online :
10 modules
40 topics
9 hours of content


Normally, the fee for this course would be €1,100. But through Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet we can offer this course at the subsidised members rate of €660 per participant.

Dates and times of the course

Starts Wednesday April 12th with a live session in the afternoon.

Duration is approx. 6 weeks. Live sessions will be afternoons or evenings.

Application process

Please complete the below application form before Friday April 7th at Noon.

Any queries can be sent to

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