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Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet edit suite with orange Blender & Unreal Engine logos in the foreground

Blender Utilising AI and Unreal Engine | 2023

  • This course has closed.
Start DateDurationCostMax Participant Numbers
12th September 20236 Evenings (6pm – 9pm)€25015
An introduction to using Blender with AI tools and Unreal Engine


Blender 3D modelling software, free and open source, is becoming more widely adopted in industry for creating assets and content for film, game and architectural visualisations. UE5 is a powerhouse for high fidelity visuals and 3D renders. This course is designed to give the participant an understanding of Blender, how to integrate some simple AI tools into the process and a workflow to UE5 as the tool of choice for the output of the final render.

What will this course cover?

Date: Tuesday 12th September (6pm – 9pm)

Session 1.1 (Introduction and Modelling Basics)

  • Introduction to Blender interface and navigation – Understanding the 3D workspace
  • Useful addons and settings
  • Basic modelling techniques: creating and manipulating objects

Session 1.2 (Texturing and Materials)

  • Introduction to texturing and materials in Blender
  • Introduction to texturing and materials in Blender
  • Applying materials and textures

Hands-on exercise: Create a simple model and texture using UV unwrapping.

Week 2
Date: Tuesday 19th September (6pm – 9pm)

Session 2.1 (Animation Fundamentals)

  • Introduction to animation principles
  • Keyframing and timeline manipulation
  • Creating basic animations: transformations and object movements

Session 2.2 (Animation Intermediate)

  • Introduction to the Graph Editor, Dope Sheet & NLA – Non Linear Animation
  • Adding shape keys
  • Animation modifiers – Noise, FCurve

Hands-on exercise: Animate a simple object using shape keys. Add camera shake.

Week 3
Date: Tuesday 26th September (6pm – 9pm)

Session 3.1 (Advanced Modelling Techniques)

  • Advanced modelling techniques: subdivision and modifiers
  • Introduction to sculpting
  • Creating complex shapes and structures

Session 3.2 (Creating Game Ready Assets)

  • Retopology – Baking high poly to low poly models
  • Introduction to texture painting
  • PBR Materials – Baking materials for use in game engine software

Hands-on exercise: Create a detailed model and game asset using advanced techniques

Week 4
Date: Tuesday 3rd October (6pm – 9pm)

Session 4.1 (Character Animation)

  • Rigging and character setup in Blender
  • Introduction to armatures and bone systems
  • Creating and controlling character animations

Session 4.2 (Rendering and Output)

  • Introduction to Blender render engines – Eevee & Cycles
  • Camera and lighting setups
  • Rendering settings and optimization

Hands-on exercise: Rig and animate a simple character. Render 10 second clip

Week 5
Date: Tuesday 10th October (6pm – 9pm)

Session 5.1 (AI Tools in Blender)

  • Introduction to AI tools in Blender
  • Introduction to prompt styles
  • Utilise AI to generate Python scripts to automate Blender

Session 5.2 (Export to Unreal Engine)

  • Export assets to Unreal Engine
  • Introduction to UE Interface & Navigation
  • Introduction to the Level Sequencer and Rendering Final Output

Hands-on exercise: Final Project – 30 second animation incorporating an element of each session

Week 6
Date: Tuesday 17th October (6pm – 9pm)

Session 6 (Project Showcase)

  • Final project showcase
  • Q&A

Participant profile

To get the most from this workshop, you must have a basic knowledge of Blender and Unreal Engine to employ both, free applications, to create 3D animations and export to UE environments.


30 – 60 second animation


Sean Burns is a computer designer and 3D modelling expert with a career that spans over 17 years.

As the founder of 4E Virtual Design, a leading 3D modelling and animation studio, Seán specializes in creating virtual representations of real-world objects and experiences.

Seán’s extensive experience with software such as Autodesk Inventor, 3Ds Max, Unity 3D, and Unreal Engine has enabled him to add code, program 3D models, and automate the design process to create highly realistic and engaging virtual experiences.

With Blender as the backbone of his workflow and Unreal Engine as the final destination, Seán has become a sought-after expert in the area of film, game, and animation pipelines.

Sean also lectures on 3D modelling and immersive technologies at Ballyfermot College, Dublin and ATU, Galway.


The tips on direct links between Blender and Unreal were invaluable. And I also found it an excellent refresher course for someone who hadn’t used Blender that much in a few years

This training has really opened my eyes to the benefits of Blender in a production setting. Previously I would have been reluctant to try Blender. However I was very happy with how user friendly it is a a program. I also feel that Sean helped “demystify ” the program which was a bonus :)

Being able to ask questions and be shown how to do a particular thing in Blender and Unreal was so helpful.  Also having access to a group on Discord to pose questions to the tutor and other students on the course was a great resource’.

Materials/equipment/software needed

You will need a good and stable internet connection as the classes will be taking place on Zoom.


CPU       64-bit quad core CPU with SSE2 support (Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster)
RAM      8 GB RAM
GPU       Graphics card with 2 GB RAM, OpenGL 4.3 (DirectX 11 or 12 compatible)

              Full HD display,
Mouse, trackpad or pen+tablet
Hardware less than 10 years old

Blender – this link will open in a separate tab
Unreal Engine – this link will open in a separate tab
Zoom – this link will open in a separate tab
A recurring Zoom link will be accessible at the top of this page once you are registered.
Discord – This link will open in a separate tab
Discord invitation will be accessible at the top of this page once you are registered.


The workshop link will be available at the top of this page once you enrol.


Normally, the fee for this course would be €360.00 , but through Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet we can offer this course at the subsidised members rate of €250.00

Dates and times of the course

Tuesday 12th September – 6pm – 9pm
Tuesday 19th September – 6pm – 9pm
Tuesday 26th September – 6pm – 9pm
Tuesday 3rd October – 6pm – 9pm
Tuesday 10th October – 6pm – 9pm
Tuesday 17th October – 6pm – 9pm


Please create an account and complete registration/payment below.
Places are offered on a first come first served basis (Max 15)
Participants must have the minimum skills requirement to get the most from this workshop.

IMPORTANT: The course zoom link will appear at the top of this page once payment has been processed.

All communications will be via Discord for the duration of the course.

Any queries, contact

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