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Future Edge : A Development Programme for Leaders in the Creative Industries | 2023

Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet is delighted to announce the next call for applicants for our flagship Future Edge programme, which supports leaders across the cultural and creative sectors to better understand and implement best practices in Sustainability, Digital Transformation and Workplace Culture. This programme is supported by Coimisiún na Meán and by Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland through their Stakeholders Funding Scheme.

Facilitators: Rethink Digital (Digital Transformation). Inspiring Change (Workplace Culture & Wellbeing), Native Events (Sustainability)

Structure: November 2023 to March 2024.

The programme will be bookended by an in-person induction session on Wednesday, November 1st and an in-person wrap session on Tuesday, March 5th with all 3 strands of the programme joining together to share key learnings and best practices at The Morrison Hotel, Dublin, D01 K5X5

Each individual strand will consist of 2 x full days in person at The GEC, Dublin, D08 YPP9, and 2 x half-day online sessions.

  • Opening Induction Nov 1st & Wrap Session March 5th, both at The Morrison Hotel, Dublin, D01 K5X5
  • Workplace Culture & Wellbeing: In-Person Sessions at The GEC, Nov 6th & Jan 9th. Online half days, Dec 5th & Feb 6th.
  • Sustainability: In-Person Sessions at The GEC, Nov 30th & Jan 30th. Online half days, Dec 19th & Feb 20th.
  • Digital Transformation: In-Person Sessions at The GEC, Nov 14th & Jan 16th. Online half days, Dec 12th & Feb 13th.

Cost: €250 per person, per strand. A reduced rate is available for those doing more than one strand.


Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet, Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland and Coimisiún na Meán are excited to announce FUTURE EDGE 2023, a development programme for the creative industries.

FUTURE EDGE 2023 will empower key individuals working in the Irish creative industries (HODs/ Managers/ Supervisors/ Leaders) to better understand and implement best practices in Sustainability, Digital Transformation and Workplace Culture.

In 2022 we ran a successful pilot programme for Future Edge. Over a series of in-person and online workshops we engaged with CEOs/Company Owners/Executives across the screen industries to develop company strategies in Sustainability, Digital Transformation and Workplace Culture. Participants included Cartoon Saloon, Element Pictures, Screen Producers Ireland, Jam Media, Great Island Productions, Keeper Pictures (formerly Blinder Films), Danú Media, Metropolitan Films and Piranha Bar.

Mark Kenny (Great Island Productions) commented on the pilot programme as follows: “We just wanted to thank you sincerely for including us on the recent programme regarding Digital Transformation. The timing was perfect and we found the course content invaluable. The sessions were excellent in terms of instruction, reasoned discussions and practical application.”

Louise Richardson (Danú Media) said: “We’ve endeavoured to be more sustainable in recent years. Taking part in the Future Edge Sustainability strand really helped us to focus in on putting our ideas into actions and attainable goals. As well as helping us to see what our core values were and where the biggest impact could be made.”

FUTURE EDGE 2023 is a six-month training programme split into 3 different strands that can be applied for separately. The three strands will enable leaders/managers/HODs/Supervisors in companies/organisations or freelancers to advance their expertise in:

  • Sustainability
  • Workplace Culture and Wellbeing
  • Digital Innovation / Transformation

Participants can apply to attend one, two or all three strands. 

Course Profile

  • Each strand will be facilitated by a leading organisation in the areas of either Sustainability or Workplace Culture or Digital Innovation. 
  • Each strand will incorporate 2 x full days in person and 2 x half-day online workshops.
  • The programme will be bookended by an in-person induction day on Wednesday, November 1st and an in-person wrap day on Tuesday, March 5th with all 3 strands of the programme joining together to share key learnings and best practices.
  • A FREE Insights Discovery profile workshop delivered by Executive Coach Eamonn Eaton (each profile usually €230pp) on induction day.
  • While each strand has a core curriculum, additional sector-specific content devised in dialogue with the selected participants may be added.



In-Person Sessions at The GEC, Nov 30th & Jan 30th. Online half days Dec 19th & Feb 20th.


  • Unveiling the Sustainability Context for Decision-Makers
  • Case Studies – Where Theory Meets Practice
  • Circular Economy for Creatives
  • Understanding and Reducing Carbon Emissions in the Creative Industries

See more detailed info on the Sustainability Strand HERE

Trainer Profile:
Native Events was set up In 2017 as a response to the lack of sustainable solutions available to the events and cultural sector in Ireland. We quickly gathered a dynamic team of smart, hard-working, and driven individuals to accompany us on our journey. As the environmental movement gathers pace, we work with an expanding community of partners in the sector including events, festivals, and cultural organisations but also with the wider network of industry suppliers, ensuring a systems-wide transition to sustainability and regeneration.

At ADE Green in Amsterdam in 2019, Native Events became a co-signatory with Body & Soul to the Green Deal for Circular Festivals. This is an initiative of the Dutch Ministry for Infrastructure and the Environment, with 16 other international pioneering festivals, aiming to become circular by 2025.

The health crisis in 2020 gave us the opportunity to pause, reflect, and gain deeper learning in the application of resilience and systems-thinking. We have undertaken training with the Ellen McArthur Foundation, H3 University, and Common Purpose to give us the skills in using tools and methodologies for understanding and reporting on environmental progress and to facilitate transformational change. We see the future of Ireland’s cultural sector and creative industries as restorative and regenerative.

At Native, we believe that arts practices, events, and cultural activities have the capacity to ignite the imagination of society. Transitioning the sector to a more sustainable, just, and circular model is the pathway towards a more balanced way of being, thriving inside planetary boundaries.

Our backgrounds in horticulture, permaculture, ecology, and the three horizons have trained us as holistic systems-thinkers, allowing us a unique perspective on the world. We are advocates of adaptive resilience – bringing an approach that looks at the systemic memory, the current cultural viewpoints, and the transformative pathways for every organisation we work with.


In-Person Sessions at The GEC, Nov 6th & Jan 9th. Online half days Dec 5th & Feb 6th.


  • Introduction to organisational culture and wellbeing: What are they and how do you understand them?
  • The foundations for successful culture and wellbeing strategies.
  • Engaging key stakeholders in culture and wellbeing
  • Designing your wellbeing and culture approach.
  • Rolling out your programme/plan.
  • World Café event to reflect on learnings.

See more detailed info on the Workplace Culture & Wellbeing Strand HERE

Trainer Profile:

Inspiring Change, is Ireland’s only dedicated Organisational Culture and Internal Communications consultancy. Founded in 2017, by Scott McInnes, our purpose is to build better cultures in organisations. We work with our clients to create cultures that are aligned with delivering their strategy and purpose and we help to connect their people to their leaders and vice versa. We do that by helping organisations to understand their culture and how to make it manageable and measurable. We support senior leaders in organisations by upskilling them on how to communicate with, lead, and engage their people to build high-performance, positive cultures. The Inspiring Change team has a depth of experience in organisational culture, internal communications, and employee engagement. We’re also experienced trainers, facilitators and mentors and we’re passionate about creating impactful and engaging upskilling experiences for senior leaders and their teams.

Donna Reilly People & Wellness offers individual & team coaching and development, wellbeing workshops & programmes, and HR consultancy services. Our goal is to support organisations to invest in their most vital asset – their people and truly believe that investing in employees from a coaching, development or wellbeing perspective will pay dividends to the organisation and allow employees to lead a happier, fulfilled life and career. Our team combine our extensive HR, wellness, facilitation, and coaching experience to work with clients across a multitude of industries. We create bespoke impactful corporate wellness programmes and workshops. We work with senior teams designing and delivering coaching and development programmes to drive their engagement, define their values and purpose, and to create steps to achieve their overall individual and team goals. We provide HR advice and support to charities and SMEs helping them develop people strategies, HR procedures and processes.


In-Person Sessions at The GEC, Nov 10th & Jan 16th. Online half days Dec 12th & Feb 13th.

  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Methods and Skills for Successful Digital Transformation
  • Designing and Delivering a Digital Transformation Plan

See more detailed info on the Digital Innovation / Transformation Strand HERE

Trainer Profile:

Rethink Digital is a specialist digital transformation advisory firm, enabling businesses successfully adapt to compete in today’s digital world.  This programme will be delivered by founding partners Louise O’Conor and Paul Doyle. Both Louise and Paul are experienced business advisors with combined expertise in business strategy, digital innovation, transformation, growth, change management, marketing, sales, service, finance, operations, robotics introduction and data analytics. Louise and Paul’s programme will be complemented by Jonathan Dempsey’s expertise in immersive technology and EdTech.

Rethink Digital has developed programmes in Digital Leadership & Transformation for; the Small Firms Association & Skillnet Ireland (Mentors Work Programme), Institute of Banking, Irish Management Institute, Irish Times Training, Enterprise Ireland & Local Enterprise. Pivotal EdTech co-authored the Irish Immersive Economy Report in association with Eirmersive.

Participant Profile

This programme is designed for individuals in leadership/management/HOD/Supervisor roles with a minimum of 2 years’ experience working in a company/organisation or as a freelancer in the creative industries. An applicant can apply for one, two or three strands.

The nature of the freelancer or organisation/company’s business should include, but is not limited to: Animation, Visual Effects, Games, Film, TV, Documentary, Post-Production, Immersive Technologies, AR/VR, Virtual Production, Digital Media, Entertainment Events, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts.

The programme is also open to applications from individuals who work with representative bodies, stakeholder organisations, guilds, and broadcasters.


DEADLINE TO APPLY: Friday, October 20th.

If you wish to participate in multiple strands, we can offer this at a reduced cost. Please contact us directly at Otherwise, please apply below.

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