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Writing A TV Series with John Yorke – For Comedy Performers & Comedy Content Creators | April 2024

  • This course has closed.
Training Dates:
April 30th, May 1st, May 2nd
10am – 5pm each day (with one hour break for lunch)

Pitching Dates:
May 9th – Online morning session
May 29th – In Person – Full Day
Dublin 8€300



A three day in-person workshop guiding comedy performers and comedy content creators to develop their scripted TV projects, followed by pitching opportunities with Merman, Treasure Entertainment, Deadpan Pictures, Vico Films, Keeper Pictures, Grand Pictures, Samson Films and Wild Atlantic Pictures.

Are you a comedy performer or comedy content creator with a brilliant idea for a TV Series?
Want to pitch that idea to some of Ireland and the UK’s best production companies ….then look no further!

Course Content:


Morning: Session 1: 21 KEY STORYTELLING TIPS

A lightning guide to all the basic rules of storytelling – what works and what doesn’t – with many practical examples.


The primary colours of storytelling – Protagonist, Antagonist, Desire, Inciting Incident. Including The Ten Essential questions underlying every story.  Practical exercise.


Morning: Session 3: WHAT IS A STORY – STRUCTURE

The how and why of Structure.  Three acts / Five acts. What is it and where does it come from?

Afternoon: Session 4: WHAT IS A STORY – EXERCISE

PRACTICAL SESSION – Write big Budget Series – Create a movie from scratch using supplied stimulus material

PITCHING – A guide to how to SELL your indie Comedy movie.   What does every buyer want to hear?  What helps grab that life-changing sale.


Morning: Session 5: SERIES AND SERIAL STRUCTURE: How the rules apply to everything from single film to mini-series to Closed Season Serial and beyond

Afternoon: Session 6: PRACTICAL SESSION – Creating a Drama Series using Supplied Source material.

PITCHING the final product.

Pitching To Production Companies:
Following the programme, participants will meet with a number of production companies to get a sense of the types of projects they are looking for, and to hear what, in their view, makes a great pitch. (Online morning session – May 9th)

On May 29th, participants will then have the opportunity to meet each company individually to pitch their projects. (If a company is unavailable participants will be connected with them separately to set up a meeting. This alternative meeting may be online or in person, depending on the availability of the companies.)

Companies include: Merman, Treasure Entertainment, Deadpan Pictures, Vico Films, Keeper Pictures, Grand Pictures, Samson Films and Wild Atlantic Pictures

Pitching Dates:
May 9th – Online morning session, meeting with companies to understand what they are looking for
May 29th – In Person – Full Day

Participant profile

Comedy performers and comedy content creators looking to develop projects for Television.
Applicants must have a demonstrable track record in comedy performance and comedy content creation.


MediaXchange is an international consultancy with offices in London and Los Angeles.  In its 33 year history MediaXchange has focused on helping clients with both the business and creative elements of their ambitions. Mediaxchange’s training division focuses on Storytelling and Writing assisted by leading trainers including John Yorke, Jeff Melvoin – Founder of the WGA Showrunner Training Course and now working with MediaXchange on the online programme Running the Show and a new partner in AI, Storyfit, focused on the analysis of scripts.

Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet was established in January 2023 as a consolidation and expansion of three existing and established Skillnet Business Networks (Animation Skillnet, Screen Skillnet and Immersive Technologies Skillnet) to support the following cultural and creative sectors: Animation, Visual Effects, Games, Film, TV, Documentary, Post-Production, Immersive Technologies, AR/VR, Virtual Production, Digital Media, Entertainment Events, Music, Theatre, Performing Arts and Visual Arts. We design, develop and deliver responsive, bespoke, specialist and flexible programmes by industry professionals with defined career paths in mind, that address substantiated sectoral needs.


Dublin 8


€300 – This course is being subsidized by CCIS. The regular price per person would be €750, representing a 60% saving.

Application Process

Interested comedy performers and comedy content creators should submit the following:

-Link to reel or online example of your work
-CV to include any writing experience to date, or relevant content creation experience across online, tv, radio, theatre or other.
-A one page statement of intent, outlining why this is the perfect opportunity for you at this stage of your career. Please reference if you are currently developing your own TV projects, and at what stage of development they are at.


Deadline to apply is Wednesday April 17th at 12pm.


Please note that due to our funding requirements, registrations are currently only available to those resident in the Republic Of Ireland. 

CCIS will generally only accept requests for cancellation refunds up to 5 working days before the training course commences. CCIS may allow for refunds outside of this on a case-by-case basis. Any request for a refund must be made via email to & insert the course name in the subject line.

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